This is our pitch deck as a VC

Whether you are a startup or a VC fund looking to raise capital or establish a new partnerships or build up a market presence, having a great pitch deck is one the backbone tool.

In the context of venture capital firms, a pitch deck usually comes into play when fundraising from limited partners.

At 365.fintech we have decided to put together a simple deck which targets our key stakeholders— startup founders first and foremost; but also other network partners and peer VCs who want to understand and have clarity on where and how we invest.

At 11 slides including the cover; we are keeping it short and sweet. The fundamental pillars we built our pitch deck around are rather simple:

  • Thesis Where and how do you invest? Where and how do you NOT invest? What do you look for as a VC and what is driving your decision making?
  • Value-Add. Network, hands-on support, partnerships, unfair advantages come here. Emphasizing a realistic value VC offers to the portfolio.
  • Portfolio. Who have you invested before? Is there a fit between the prospect and rest of the portfolio. Who will be peers to the founder and is there any peer-to-peer value creation realistic?
  • LP setup Explain how does your LP structure look like.
  • The Team. — who’s behind the fund?

To give you a better idea of what this looks like in our case, go have a look at our Notion page to view or download a copy.

CEE-based corporate venture investor. We focus on European fintech disrupting banking. We are geared towards b2b and b2bc and invest around seed stage.

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