Investing in Tapline -Enabling SaaS entrepreneurs access to frictionless capital.

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our pre-seed portfolio — Tapline.

2 min readDec 20, 2021

Tapline is a Berlin-based pre-seed fintech which allows companies with a software-as-service business model (SaaS) to finance their future revenues. It serves as a trading platform for companies generating recurring revenues and institutional and HNWI investors looking to back them up.

Our investment comes as a part of their pre-seed round; with participation from our friends at and a roster of prominent fintech angels; and it marks 365.fintech’s second investment in Germany.

The founding team at Tapline - Dean Hastie (CEO), Peter Grouev (CIO), Dmitrij Miller (CTO) originally got together joined forces via Antler’s programme in Berlin.

There are several reasons why we believe Tapline shows huge potential going forward:

  • Big market. The SaaS market’s overall CAGR is 19% going forward and the demand for providing frictionless and flexible capital based on revenue and growth potential has been in high demand recently. Startups providing these services have been performing exceptionally well; attracting investors with intensive funding in both Europe and the U.S.
  • A host of strong European startups such as Wayflyer and Uncapped capital have seen an amazing uptick recently; but we believe there is still a significant blank space in the SaaS financing market up for grabs (both geographically and value proposition-wise).
  • Great founding team. Tapline’s co-founders have complementary background in VC, capital markets, institutional finance and software; and they have proven their ability to execute with an impressive MVP of Tapline’s trading platform.

We are excited to work with Tapline going forward and supporting them in achieving their journey in becoming Europe’s leading recurring revenue trading platform.




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