European BNPL Startups to Watch

Merchant-dependant vs Customer-First

We differentiate BNPL startups into those who are dependent on partnerships with merchants and those who are merchant agnostic. Many startups which offer BNPL options can solely provide their services when the purchase is made at the merchant store that has implemented such BNPL option for their customers.

Why is BNPL gaining traction?

Among the main reasons for the increasing popularity of this kind of the point of sale financing is increased use of online shopping and e-commerce primarily caused by COVID-19. Combined with an improved CX and simple onboarding compared to traditional credit card application process, it’s no surprise younger customers have been leaning this direction. What’s more, very often, these young consumers (millennials and generation Z) find it complicated to apply for a traditional credit card or other forms of short term loan due to lack of credit history.

BNPL in Europe: Outlook & Opportunities

Tymit (UK)

Montonio (Estonia)

Revo Technologies (Plus) (Poland)

Zilch (UK)

Alma (France)

ViaBill (Denmark)

Cashpresso (Austria)

Twisto (Czech Republic)

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