5 Fintech Newsletters You Need To Follow Now

2 min readMay 19, 2021


Perhaps it is just us but there is a significant overload of information in fintech. It is often very hard to separate the good from the not so great at first glance and the pure volume of content readily available for consumption is overbearing.

This is why we have decided to compile a list of our favorite fintech newsletters that we regularly follow (and even open when they arrive in our mailbox).

When carefully narrowed down to a few; newsletters in are a a great way to receive high quality content. They are delivered in your email and usually follow a regular routine (often circulated during off-days such as Sundays); removing the barrier to consume more thoughtful and long-form content.

Without further ado then, these are the top 5 fintech newsletters we are reading on regular basis these days:

1 Fintech BrainFood

👉 https://sytaylor.substack.com/

Published by the self-proclaimed fintech geek and 11.FS co-founder Simon Taylor; this is probably our favourite fintech newsletter these. Fintech Brainfood provides a weekly summary of what is recently happening in the fintech world; alongside 4 fintech startups that are worth noticing.

What we particularly love about this are are the thoughtful in-depth analyses Simon goes into every week in zeitgeist topics such as core banking disruption or crypto. Definitely recommended!

2 Fintech Across The Pond

👉 https://fintechacrossthepond.substack.com/

The writer behind this fine fintech newsletter is Michael Jenkins. Fintech Across The Pond is a long-form weekly newsletter of the latest innovation, funding rounds and dynamics of the fintech world — covering the US and Europe in equal measure.

3 Fintech Radar

👉 https://fintechradar.substack.com/

Fintech Radar delivers writer’s Alan Tsen’s view of what is currently important in the fintech world and how it’ll impact consumers, industry insiders, and fintech adjacent industries. Hailing from Austrialia, Alan offers a global POV on fintech and the newsletters is a great gateway to high quality resources springled with thoughtful commentary.

The cherry on top are the podcast recommendations to we love!

4 Fintech Blueprint

👉 https://lex.substack.com/

Fintech Bluprint’s newsletter aims to “make a sense of the noise” the fintech produces. Its content is split into a long take comprehensive analysis of certain fintech fields such as neobanks, crypto, wealthtech etc. short take that offers a quick summary of what is up in the fintech world and fintech podcasts.

Both short take and podcasts are for paying subscribers only though.

5 Fintech Collective

👉 https://www.fintech.io/newsletter

Written and published the Fintech Collective venture capital fund, the Fintech Collective Newsletters pulls together a global fintech overview with a taste of their analysis. Heavy focus on the US in this one but still a worthwhile follow regardless of your location!




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